Another short film, this time called “Immersion” by photographer Robbie Cooper. He uses a high-resolution camera to capture the faces of children playing video games. Apparently he was inspired by Errol Morris’s method of documentary filming, using the “interrotron” process. It places the camera in such a way that the subject is looking at a reflection of the interviewer in the lens, thus making it look as if the person is talking or monologuing into the camera itself.

Incidentally, my sister Alex worked for Errol Morris right after college. How cool is that?

Video here “Immersion”:

Slideshow here “My Game Face”:

via the NYtimes:

Cooper, who grew up in Britain and Kenya and played a lot of video games as a child, says he tries to capture “people interacting with worlds that aren’t real.” In his last major project, which was published in the magazine in 2007, he photographed participants in Internet-based games with their virtual-world avatars. Cooper is particularly struck by the intensity of people’s experiences while interacting with digital realms. Drew Hugh, shown above, stares so intently at the screen that he doesn’t blink, and his eyes quickly fill with tears, according to his mother. Cooper says, “It’s fascinating that a world that’s purely visual can have a physical effect.”

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