mmm, fungus

Know your mushrooms: excerpt

Today was wonderfully spent on an apartment-tour with my mom, lunch at the usual Pho32, followed by a quick business trip to one of her friend’s homes and a stop by the Puerto Rico Festival (that was over by the time we made it there, 5pm). From there, w. 47th and 5th, we walked allllll the way down to e. 4th and Lafayette. We had a late start to a lazy afternoon so we took our time and jby luck happened to bump into the Big Apple BBQ and more surprisingly, into an old friend from Japan 🙂 Who woulda thunk I’d see Electra? It was nice seeing each other but unfortunately I had to rush to my appointment with Alex @ a film screening and tasting at the Astor Center.

The. food. was. amazing.

And the film wasn’t half bad too. It was a little all over the place in terms of content and subject but here’s a little clip and a brief description from the website.

“The NYC Food Film Festival is a multi-sensory experience where filmgoers are able to watch food films then sample the food portrayed in those films…Join us for an exclusive screening of Ron Mann’s Know Your Mushrooms also at Astor Center, Sunday, June 14th 7PM. Chef Brad Farmerie (Public/Double Crown) will present a wild mushroom tasting menu and Chef Harry Hawk wild serve up his famous aged ribeye cheesesteaks. “

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