Found in my desk drawer: reporter’s notebook

In a notebook found in desk drawer: Mondova?

Awoke at five in the morning to sharp chest pains after visions. I see my brother dying. Heavy breathing follows. Visions always come true even after months moments occur I realize I’ve been a place, met , a person had a conversation w/ a person all before. All before, a past, in a dream state my visions come true. My visions come to life are tangible.

New messages on myspace. If you’re not amcee or a good friend and you don’t have a hip-hop show I can go to I click deny. I never approve my aunt’s comments. She’s 40 sumthing divorced, abonded her children to live in West Virginia to drink. I always deny her comments till the other day. Call jonathan soon, he’s getting married and joined the marines 19. Leaving for boot camp Monday. I wonder why this is acceptable. No draft, but if you’re poor & not college bound by natural selection you’re drafted. Poor deaf & dumb.


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