Dulcimer player, Grand Street Station

This old man plays in train stations all around the Lower East Side. He is an excellent classical chinese musician and always seems to draw a crowd. This time, a woman and her son started talking to him after one of his songs and he pulled the boy over to show him how its done. It was amazing- he played an entire complicated song while holding on to the little boy's hands. The kid was in awe.


PS – I actually play(ed) the dulcimer. Diana and I took lessons in what was, no joke, a sweatshop in Chinatown. We were very young but I remember it being a small, un-air conditioned room adjoining a sewing factory and clothing warehouse. Diana played the Guzheng, similar to the Japanese Koto, with the older kids with larger handspans and I learned the hammered dulcimer with the younger kids. The dulcimer is pretty simple conceptually but still extremely difficult to play well.

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