How to make vinegar: in your kitchen

Your old wine, 16oz or so for the Mother, and more when you make your vinegar
Vinegar, just a splash
Iodine, for sterilization
Storage vessel, such as ice tea container
Sterilized containers, for bottling your vinegar
Cheesecloth & rubber band
Ripe fruit, to feed your Mother
Optional: fine sieve, funnel, fruit juice

Essentially, you’ll take the red wine, add a splash of base-vinegar, and allow it to ferment for 2  months. The bacteria will accumulate by then and become quite concentrated. Add some overripe fruit and additional liquid, let it ferment even more, and wait until it reaches your preferred acidity. That’s it! I’ll definitely be trying this mini-science project  in the coming week, especially after my incredible success with making my own vanilla extract!! I’ve had a jar in my closet for about 8 months now and the stuff tastes amazing – it’s got a rum – base so it has a flavor all its own.

Red wine vinegar full instructions at Craftzine!


One thought on “How to make vinegar: in your kitchen

  1. hehe this is what my mommy does:

    she takes ripe fruit (any kind you like. she’s been using starfruit recently) and washes it and then dries all of it with a towel so there’s no water left on the fruit. then she puts in a layer of fruit and then a layer of rock sugar and a layer of fruit until the large jar is completely full. make sure the last layer is rock sugar.

    You can stop here and the product will be a fruit enzyme drink (roughly translated and very tasty… if you let it sit for long enough it turns into alcohol i think).

    Or you can then add some vinegar to get it started. Mom has make so much vinegar in the past few years. Ps the longer the vinegar sits the better it tastes. also if something gross and floaty starts to develop at the top, no worries, its the mother doing its magic.

    i should totes post a tutorial and some pics. its the tastiest stuff evar.

    haha it kind of sounds like moonshine huh.

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