Miami in pieces

I decided to take a little bit of time out to work on my rusty photoshop skills this afternoon. For a beginner like me I still find myself easily overwhelmed by the vast array of options, tools, and effects. Today I decided to start on the basics and just concentrate on what I need to do to manipulate space. I found this collage project to be a pretty simple way to practice thinking in visual and spatial terms.

I started  by measuring out a square canvas (1198 px by 1198 px) and breaking it up into a grid system. Then I organized the grids into shapes to form the basic layout. It might be easier to draw this out on paper. Create a new canvas on Photoshop and start importing photos (ctrl O). Use the grid system to figure out how much or how little to crop, arrange your photos, merge all visible layers and voila! All done and it probably only took you 14- 20 minutes.


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