Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. (Wed, April 21).

This was a pretty good day for food. I stayed in to apply for jobs and fill out agency paperwork so I had plenty of time to cook and go produce-shopping with Ana.

Breakfast was a spinach-cheese omelette with a poached tomato. The cheese is a gruyere Alex brought home from Brazil. I suggest poaching the tomato by blanching it in hot water for 1 minute, removing the skin and finishing it off on a hot pan. Press down on it with a spoon to release juices.

Ana and I decided on a simple menu for lunch today: pasta, broccoli, oranges and juice. I prepared angel hair pasta (which took 4 mins to cook), and pureed green peas (3 mins to blanch). It took very little time and the puree was amazingly delicious and fresh-tasting. The peas were blanched in just a little bit of chicken broth, drained and then pureed with sauteed shallots, garlic, a handful of basil with a splash of 2% milk in a blender. It was a little too thick so we added a touch of broth the peas were cooked in. Ana made steamed broccoli.

Dinner by Papi. Top: A salad of taiwanese cucumbers. Above clockwise from left to right: rice, soy sauce chicken and roasted pig from a restaurant, sauteed spinach and garlic.

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