Friday night lights. (Fri, April 23rd)

For reasons I will not elaborate, I did not get home until 4am last night and couldn’t bring myself to go over to the computer to post these pictures. Apologies for the delay!!! 

I had to skip breakfast today in the morning to rush to get to my temp job. This is what I during my leadership luncheon with Paola Antonelli, senior curator of design at MoMA and top 100 most influential designers in the country. Angel Hair pasta and green pea puree.

Saw this in the window of Le Pain Quotidien on my way to meeting Diana in SoHo. A crisp, buttery chocolate chip cookie the size of a dinner plate is hard to pass up. Cookie was shared with friends, sometimes unwillingly.

Chicken Katsu Kare at the usual Menkuitei in St. Marks! Unfortunately after this meal I forgot to take the pictures of the various chuhai's, jaegerbombs, kamikazes, and gin and tonics shared among friends this night.


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