The spread. The thanks. The friends.

This year and like every year, I am most thankful for friends and family. Luckily for me, many of them spent Thanksgiving with us, as has been our tradition since 2006. Stay updated on the blog for the following week where some of these friends will be sharing with us their (often vegan) recipes for the holiday season.

An eagle's eye view of this year's Thanksgiving spread. (clockwise from left to right). Mac and cheese with peas, coconut kale, marinated giant oyster mushrooms, israeli couscous salad, five-mushroom pate, cranberry sauce, chinese style roast turkey, five-mushroom stuffed portobellos, beech mushroom gravy, corn salsa, lentil chili, pumpkin pie, a banana (?? how did that get there? probably my mom's doing), perogies, roasted baby asparagus, rosemary roasted chicken and stuffing.



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