Photo Storing advice, anyone? Also, DZ’s Mom makes insane dinners.

So I’ve been in a photo snafu for a long time now.

Last Saturday, things got desperate when I discovered only 2.98 GB left on the 150GB hard drive. It took another sad turn when the productive weekend of photoshop tutorials  ended with the beach ball of death (read: it froze). I was only  running photoshop and google chrome at the time. Upon further inspection, I found that a whopping 88GB of photos was dominating the used space.

So I did what any normal person would do, I cleaned up by deleted imovie projects I’d never exported, like “Bunny Jenga Village Destroy” (2010), or random movie files. Now I’ve got 9.68GB. Better, but not good.  Anyone have suggestions on ways to store large photo caches? One friend recommended downloading Aperture.

And now, onto the photos. The following are from a dinner that my friend DZ generously invited us to. DZ’s mom knows how to cook an EPIC MEAL fo. sho. Take a look.

I took a snapshot of the custom menu, beautifully printed on the highest quality paper. Courtesy of the Z. Family :]

I'm already envisioning my future home. Instead of a bathroom mirror, all I need is this picture.

Right on. More Bruce Lee.


Miso Soup with little chunks of tomato and enoki mushrooms - much heartier (and homier) than the stuff at restaurants.

You can guess what's coming

A meaty, pineapple surprise! "It's D.s favorite, he asks for it every week. Sometimes twice a week", says Mrs. Z.

Stuffed tofu hearts, drizzled with sweet, tangy sauce. Incredible.

At this point, I didn't want to take anymore pictures anymore. I just wanted to eat. This table shot will have to suffice. Featured dishes in this photo include lemon braised flounder, chicken wings, fish paste wrapped asparagus spears, and more.

Last photo : chocolate and lychee - stuffed strawberry daifuku.


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