Adventure to… New Jersey???

So I went. I finally went.

It happened randomly. It was early morning, just before heading out to a CPA meeting when my mom called to remind me of our grandma’s grave-party next Sunday (it’s Qingmingjie, look it up).

“Which buffet? The buffet in New Jersey? The one you’re always talking about and that we went to when we were 7?”

“No that one’s too South, this is the buffet on Northern Blvd”

“What’s the one you’re always talking about? Is it Mitsuwa? They have a Japanese food court there that is famous and you can take the bus there from Port Authority.”

“Oohh! Lets go!”

And so, the mom, sister and I dropped all our other previous plans to go visit Mitsuwa Market in New Jersey.

Azuki (red bean) filled imagawayaki

Custard filling.


Just looking at this stuff makes me excited to visit Kappabashi again this summer! It's a few blocks of downtown Tokyo that comprises the "Fake-Food district". Where else can you get such beautiful, fake acrylic food on wholesale?

Black Sesame ice cream (kuro goma aisukureemu)

Unfortunately, I was too absorbed in exploring, inspecting and eating to take pictures of the ramen and crab omelette we had earlier, but at any rate the dessert was what really blew me away. You can find ramen and omelets pretty easily in Manhattan, but you’d be hard pressed to find imagawayaki or specialty ice creams in NYC 🙂


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