07.09.11 – Lobster Roll Rumble part I

Luke's Lobster (which took the 1st prize afterwards. Try it out and see for yourself! Their location is near St. Mark's Place)

1st lobster roll of the night! And it was off to a good start from there.

The warehouse space was packed. Originally the event was scheduled to take place on the top floor and the rooftop deck. Unfortunately a TORRENTIAL downpour took place that night and not only was it packed, it was hot and steamy too.

After fast-walking 3 avenues and 4 blocks in the downpour, I arrived at the warehouse an hour late and scarfed down the first two lobster rolls I could find. I then reached for a glass of white wine and a cone of this baby right here. Oooohh yeahhhh the high life

Fried pickles look wierd, taste wierd, ARE wierd.

Mango Chile ice pop from La NewYorkina. This sub-zero popsickle was painful to eat until a random kind man told me to dip the whole thing into my drink instead of trying to eat it right away. Thanks guy!

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