07.09.11 – Lobster Roll Rumble part II

My buttery fingers must have slipped on this one.  Still,  I thought it worthwhile to include this shot of Wooly’s Ice House, currently without a storefront and operating out of a cart near City Hall. Wooly’s taiwanese-style shaved ice was such a nice break from all that greasy, rich, lobster.
Fresh strawberries and mango! Its surprisingly hard to find a place that makes Taiwanese Ice with fruit. Why is that? Anyway, the ice gets an extra diary kick from the milk added to it prior to freezing. 

B&G Oyster
Shaw’s Crab House, Chicago, IL

Lure Fish Bar, NYC

Red Hook Lobster Pound

Red Hook Lobster Pound, NYC

Lets just call this the "very alcoholic drink"

Hank’s Oyster Bar, Washington D.C.
Old Port Lobster Shack , CA – maker’s of MY FAVORITE LOBSTER ROLL OF THE NIGHT
still making my roll…
It was just that good. D’yamn!
Go Maine indeed.

One thought on “07.09.11 – Lobster Roll Rumble part II

  1. Thanks for your vote for Old Port Lobster Shack as the BEST lobster roll in the 2011 Lobster Roll Rumble. And though I am from Maine, via Boston, I am in exile in Redwood City, CA. So next time you are in the San Francisco Bay area come by and visit us at the Shack.

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