Food photos from Japan, Part II

About three years ago when I was last studying abroad in Japan, Manneken Belgium Waffle kiosks were the hottest thing in town. Lines of 10 people or more in front of the shop was pretty common, especially in places like central Tokyo. Made fresh and handheld, these are pretty damn solid portable snacks. Rob got choco-dip, I got roasted sweet potato (not pictured).

Visiting the majestic Arashiyama area again, and for all I knew the last time, I had to get kuro-goma (black sesame) ice cream. The one I got from this shop mixed whole toasted black sesame seeds into their dense, creamy soft serve so you'd get a nutty and smokey pop-crunch with every bite. Good, good, stuff. One of the snacks I miss the most, though Mitsuwa Market in N.J is almost as good


THIS WAS IN A SUPERMARKET. Sold by THE POUND. In a regular supermarket!!! Be still my sluggist, fat-clogged heart 8)

Giant pasta dishes for $7 at Pastamore, a couples pasta spot in the epic Kyoto Station. Possibly one of the most rewardingly romantic meals I've had. Thinking back to junior year as a study abroad student, I remember eating here with a girl friend and the two of us wishing and laughing off the idea we'd have dates to come here with. This is my pasta-concentration eating face.






More ramen photos to come!



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