What I ate: Thanksgiving 2011


Onion Tart 🙂

Lentils for stuffed portabellas

Finished product: this was just so good

Toasting bread cubes and fresh rosemary. This goes into making the spinach, chickpeas, and tomato dish. The bread brings the dish together... kind of like a gazpacho.

Beautiful! and vegan

Cooked down, it becomes a dish that goes so well with roasted turkey/protein.

Classic green beans and shallots

Honey ginger glazed carrots

Pasta salad.

Theo's apple salad was a big hit - and a deliciously tart and cooling palate cleanser

Cranberry sauce

Vegan turkey - requiring vast amounts of mushrooms, a block of seitan, and a savory, coconut based jamaican sauce

Lobster apple pie ;p One of my two contributions

My other contribution... turkey! I followed Alton Brown's recipe and brined it for 24 hours, then let it sit in the fridge, covered with only a paper towel to let the skin dry out. I rubbed the skin with homemade chive compound butter and stuffed it with apples and onions.


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