Lunar New Year 2012

My dad's exceptional chicken soup. If you can get access to authentic Taiwanese rice wine, this soup is super simple to make. It takes two bottles, and a chicken to make this broth. Added to this version is some mu-er fungus, scallions, and tons of ginger.

New Year's Nian Gao "sticky cake"- battered and fried.

Black hair moss (fa chai) tossed with shitake mushrooms, dried oysters.

Rice noodles (mi fun) with veggies and pork. Something about this dish makes it Taiwanese-style, my mom says.

Sliced abalone on vegetables. This is a super common dish for Chinese New Year because it brings fortune and positive returns. Even at the best of prices I've seen cans of these go for $100 a pop. During Chinese New Year, prices skyrocket.

Andrew brought spareribs!

No fish filets here, the wholeness of the fish is symbolic, as are many of the dishes we eat this time of year! The Chinese word for fish "yu" is a homonym for wish and abundance.

Rob's famous dish: Mu-er mushrooms with tofu. He makes his delicious by hydrating vacuum-packed young mu-er and braising it in chicken stock. Then he adds vegetables (typically red or green peppers), soft or firm tofu, and soy sauce. Simple and very flavorful.

Fresh toasted and salted cashews - my dad's favorite, and his little specialty snack.

That’s it for now 🙂 I have so many backlogged photos… We just got internet hooked up in our apartment after three long weeks so it’s been very tech-minimal around here. Desserts to come later on tonight or tomorrow, whenever I have time.

Happy Lunar New Year!


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