Pernil – Puerto Rican roast pork shoulder

I bought this pork shoulder for $5 and fed a party of over a dozen with it. Oh yeah, I’ve been saving this doozy of a recipe since Mark Bittman rolled it out on his show, the “Minimialist” on the NYTimes website. I stretched out the meat by using it shredded, over nachos, and sprinkled with cheddar  so it would feed more people. If you heated the cheese until melted in the oven, IT IS AMAZING.

Take your pork shoulder and cross hatch it with a sharp knife through the skin. Puree a large onion, handful of garlic cloves, 2 tbsp of oregano, 1 tbsp of cumin, 1 tbsp chile, black pepper, salt, a bit of olive oil and a splash of apple cider vinegar together. Take the paste and rub it into the pork shoulder real well, getting into all those crevices.

Roast in your oven at 300 degrees for at least 3 hours (I roasted mine for over 4) until the meat pulls off the bone easily with a fork. Shred and place over a bed of nachos and sprinkle with cheese.

Happiness! And so cheaply obtained 🙂



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