Mac and cheese, amped up with a few things…

It all started with a trip to S’mac. It was a rainy, cold, night in February, and I was meeting A. and A. (crafternoon buddies), for a night of maxin’ out and relaxing. Little did I know I’d have to really aggressively fight for a table and explain that they should have seen me in the center of the restaurant waiting for that table, but it was all worth it for a cast iron skillet full of this yummy and interesting version of classic mac & cheese:

Figs. Asiago and cheddar. Shitake mushrooms. Heaven.  I added shitake to the leftovers when I reheated the dish the second time, I forgot it the first time.

Infusing the figs into the milk. I really didn’t have to do that, I just misread the directions. They’re supposed to go in at the last minute.


Mac & cheese… pie? It was the rosemary breadcrumbs that really brought the whole thing into a higher level. 


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