Tart Cherry Pie

This is my first time having “real cherry pie”. Little did I know that sour cherry pie is actually supposed to be sour. I thought that with nearly 3/4 cups sugar it would cut the tartness a bit, but I was grimacing with every other bite. Oh well, everyone else still thought it was pretty good. M. had some ice cream, which we spooned on top of the hot pie slices, and you know how ice cream improves everything.

So, like most of the recipes in this blog, this was very much experimental.These bad-ass beautiful red babies are sour cherries from my family home in Flushing. To date, we have two sweet cherry trees, one sour cherry tree, two apple and two peach trees. Nobody steals from the sour cherry tree, for obvious palate-related reasons, so this past weekend the tree was loaded with fruit.

The photo here shows about 2 lbs of cherries. It was too hard to pick these cherries by hand so I used a pair of kitchen scissors to snip off as much as I could. It took the better part of an hour!

To de-pit a cherry, take a large paper clip and unbend it in half so you have two loops on both sides of the wire. Stick one end into the cherry and use it to scoop out the cherry pit – it’ll come out with the stem and IS A LOT OF FUN.

As for the cherry pie recipe, it’s super easy. I just took the cherries, added 3/4 cups sugar (use more, mine was too tart), a bit of homemade vanilla extract, and about 2 tbsp of cornstarch so the filling would set.

Then I made a basic, all-butter crust (and don’t fail, as I did, and make your boyfriend fix it for you the next day), dumped the cherries in, and let my boyfriend spend twice as long as it took me to make the rest of the pie, to arrange a crazy lattice crust. To make a nice glaze, I brushed the top with milk and dusted with sugar.

Bake at 425F for 15 minutes, then at 350F for 45 minutes, until the crust is browned.

Pie a la mode – the only way to properly eat a pie.


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