The year of “follow through”, part IV – Curtain

I have a beautiful apartment that I share with N. and M.

For months, we’d been talking about how much energy the air conditioner uses up to cool down our apartment. Ok, so really it was just me talking about how inefficient our A.C was, but that’s okay, because in the end, complaining about it kicked my brain into “problem solving” drive and got me to thinking. I’d been brewing the idea of using a large tapestry curtain to divide the apartment in half. Air conditioners work on the principal of cooling down re-circulated air, so if the space it was conditioning were enclosed, that would mean more effective conditioning, no? After all, our apartment is so long. Maintaining the ambient temperature at 78 degrees in an unenclosed space is just going to be impossible. So, with that idea in mind, I decided to use this opportunity to exercise some creativity.

Here is a timeline of how I did it:

[2nd week of July, I go out and buy a upholstery fabric remnant]

[3rd week of July, the fabric remains untouched]

[4th week of July, the fabric remains untouched]

[5th week of July, R. and I partially tape off a design. Then R. goes away for a day and I finish the rest. The next day, we spray paint, run out of paint, and R. squeezes the shit out of the nozzle to get the very last remnants to cover up as much as possible]

[1st week of August, it rains, the curtain gets wet, R. hangs it up to dry in the sun. I forget about it for a while.]


The curtain, before having the tape markers ripped off

The curtain, after having the tape ripped off. Now, onto the part where I hem and sew the top over so the panel can hang from the tension rod.

R. took a photo of me sewing

Done! All hung up. The ceilings are probably… 10ft high? Quite a lot of weight for that poor tension rod.

The panel, as viewed from the living room.

Yay!! I think I have to give credit where credit is due. Thanks, R. for pushing me to PRODUCE! Sometimes, you need that nudge to make something you can be proud of.


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