Matthew and Ana’s wine-paired soiree

Lets just make it clear off the bat: I was so drunk for most of this dinner. The photos are not great for that reason. Matthew served us so much good wine, and I kept having glass after glass. I had so much fun. Here’s to good friends, and meeting new ones! WHAT A GREAT DINNER PARTY!!!

Dinner Menu

Chilled zucchini vichyssoise
Sandeman Royal, Esmeralda fine dry amontillado sherry


Grapefruit and avocado salad
Buitenverwachting 2011 South Africa sauvignon blanc


Seared scallops in herb butter over herbed Israeli couscous Wente vineyards 2010 California Chardonnay


Roasted Fillet of beef with roast golden potatoes and balsamic glazed asparagus
Diemersdal 2003 South Africa pinotage


Sherry trifle

Col vetoraz 2011 Italy Valdobbadene Brut


Impeccable table-scaping skills, Matthew

Avocado and grapefruit salad

Seared scallops!

[Insert photo of roast beef here: unfortunately at this point I was so wasted I could hardly stop smiling and chatting to take a photo. We were all so smashed!]

Delicious! Sherry trifle: light fruit cocktail, sherry, cake layer, and lightly sweetened whipped cream

I am indeed, inspired. Thanks for the amazing dinner!


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