Dream Menu…

If I were to make a dinner party… what would it look like?

More than entertaining people, this would be a great opportunity to experiment and challenge myself. Hopefully, I’ll try more complicated dishes I would normally make, and learn skills that might otherwise take months and months for me to finally commit to learning. Still, I prefer a simple menu that lets me prep most of the recipe a day in advance, so all I need to do is finish it before it hits the table. I think I can do that with most of these…

Lobster and burrata, basil seeds (a’la Marea, the 2 michelin starred resto in Manhattan)
Homemade tofu, with braised hijiki, seaweed paper

Brick-roasted cornish hen or chicken… mustard greens and a mustard sauce?
Something, something, homemade pasta with prosciutto, green pea puree.

Warmed figs with homemade ricotta
Green tea creme brulee

So, knowing myself, I’d probably be overwhelmed by a dinner party larger than 4-5 people. But this in the works, really! I need to test out recipes and work on timing but I’m really excited for this “mad experiment”. Look out for a special update in the last weekend of September.


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