Food Photos from Japan, Part III

So it turns out that I was missing a lot of photos from the Japan trip last year. They were stashed on R.’s computer.  Enjoy looking through them, I know I did!

Asako took us to this small, out of the way place in Tokyo on our very first full day! It was all wood furniture and big glass windows… basically it would have fit into any hipster neighborhood in Brooklyn. Just look at that red egg yolk!

Dinner – first bowl of ramen in Shibuya, Tokyo, a few blocks away from that huge, oft-photographed street intersection.

ooooh yeah

I should color-correct these photos but I’m too lazy.

Fried rice, fried chicken, soup, and dumplings for a really cheap meal! They were nice here too, we only had half an hour before our bus left for the midnight climb.

Omg, gyoza.

We climbed to the top of Mount Fuji when the night was dark and rainy.. within 20 minutes, before the summit became crowded with sojourners, this is what we saw.

Outside Tsukiji Market, the famous fish source.

Fresh, fresh, fresh sashimi and sushi set.

We made friends with a Russian-Milwaukee lady who committed faux pas after faux pas here, one of which was to ask the sushi chef to take a group picture of us.

Rokurinsha – purportedly one of the best ramen restaurants in Japan, underneath a labyrinth of shops underneath one of the main Tokyo train stations. It was 11pm and still we waited on a line about 30 minutes long 8)


Ramen from the ramen museum in Osaka!

Regional ramen flavor

vacuum packaged chashu to take home 😯

Ramen flavored cookies at the ramen museum

Egg shaped custard filled cakes

One of my favorite places to hang out! Mister Donut. The pon de ring donut here is made with sticky rice flour, so its moist, and slightly bouncy as you chew.

Iced chocolate milk

Pon de ring

Osaka: This was some kind of curry inspired pasta dish from the David Burke Kitchen (I think) in Tokyo, that we bumped into randomly. For some reason, excellent restaurants are often tucked behind random women’s sections of department stores. Who knew this would be here on the 12th (or so) floor of a shopping mall?

It’s hard to pass up a creme brulee. When I was in high school, I vowed to track all creme brulees I came across in restaurants and hotels and rank them in order of excellence. This was delicious, but too soft and pudding-like. The creme could have been chilled and set more I think.

A park… in Osaka?

We made lots of mandarin jello, ice cream and pudding runs at night. This one was at a Family Mart near our hostel in Kyoto.

One lazy, rainy night when we didn’t want to eat out, we just bought a whole bunch of food and heated it up in the hostel kitchen. K’s House had a fabulous common area and an onsen right across the street.

A la carte sushi we got at a local supermarket on our way to Arashiyama, one of the most beautiful places in Kyoto. Eating by the Kamo river.

The quaint shopping streets at the base of the mountains and ancient bamboo groves in Arashiyama

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