You Scream, I Scream, We all Scream for…

When we were little, Boppy (Papi) always got our birthday cakes from the Carvel ice cream shop. D. and I got to pick our own from the big case, and mine were usually big heart-shaped monstrosities with pink icing.

I really liked ice cream cakes. Still like ice cream cakes!

But fond memories always remain fond memories, so last week, for R’s birthday, I pulled out the stops and tackled on an ice cream cake project of my own, using two springform pans, an entire quart of cream, a quart of milk, a package of oreos, about half a bar of hand-shaved, Mast Bros Vanilla and Smoke chocolate, and a dozen egg yolks.

Fact: did you know that mint is considered a nuisance by most gardeners? Mint plants propagate like crazy and will often grow so fast that it’ll choke out anything around it. The lesson here: don’t grow mint in a pot with other plants!

Steeping the cream in steamed milk.

Gotta separate the creme from the cooks. YOU JUST GOTTA. And that’s not a typo

I make the mint chocolate chip layer, then freeze, and start making the chocolate layer. This is the point in which I realize I made the layers in the wrong order. The mint is supposed to go on top and thus made last, but I made it first because it takes much longer to account for steeping.

Fast forward: the ice cream base is made with the steeped milk, chilled, then set in the ice cream maker for slow churning for half an hour. This is the ice cream after its already been frozen over night in a plastic-wrapped springform pan.

To make the two layers meld together, I added whipped cream on top of the middle crushed cookie layer.



And after a few hours of setting-time, we tote the whole thing, springform pan and all, about 7 stress-filled blocks to R.’s house. Towards the end of the walk, I realize the ice cream is melting out the bottom of the cake carrier.

The moment arrives, the spring is sprung, and the cake, frosted in more whipped cream, is ready for its 30 seconds of fame.

A slice.


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