Bacalao con huevos

Bacalao is that pack of cheap, salted cod/pollack that you find in the deli meat section of most supermarkets around town. Last week, I noticed that my local Compare foods stocked over half a dozen brands, but I’ve never seen anyone cook with it or take it down from the hook. I figured someone must think this stuff is the shit, so I bought a pack, and I’m glad I did because I spent a lot of money this week and made with it what turned out to be a super tasty and cheap meal.

I’ve made bacalao before. Last year, I asked my friend, A., on Facebook, who was working in Spain teaching English at the time, to help get me some recipes. One of her students ended up sending a Portuguese recipe for bacalao that involved tomato sauce and potatoes, but after making it I realized I wasn’t so crazy about tomato sauce in my bacalao.

A google search turned up a really nice recipe for a breakfast bacalao dish with eggs that sounded much more promising, so this time, I thought it might be a good use for the dozen egg whites left over from R.’s birthday cake.

The soaked and boiled bacalao flaked apart on its own, that was fun.

Voila! Very nice. Soak the bacalao in water and set it in the fridge overnight. Rinse, and boil for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, sauté half an onion with some garlic, and add the fish once its started flaking easily. Add a bunch of eggs, scramble it up, and finish with good olive oil, salt, and pepper.

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