Braised Pork belly (Chinese-style)

Red-cooked pork – made this again today for the 2nd time this week.

Take your pork belly (I bought mine on the cheap in Chinatown), and cut into bite-sized cubes.

BOIL EM! For about 10 minutes until cooked through. Remove the pork while keeping the broth it was cooked in, then rinse the pieces in cold water and set to dry in some paper towels. Remove any scum you find in the pork broth.

Then put about 2 tblsp sugar and a little bit of oil in a big saucepan, and let the sugar brown and caramelize. Add the pork belly cubes and fry those babies up until crispy or browned on all sides. It’s going to smell delicious. Then add 2 tblsp soy sauce, rice wine to taste, and about a cup or a cup and a half of the water you boiled the pork in.

Add a bunch of scallions and smashed garlic cloves, and a star-anise or two if you have it. Cover and let cook for 40 minutes.

I also made caramelized onions to go in here. You don’t have to.

After the bacon is cooked for 40 minutes, its pretty much fall-apart tender. BUT, it’s got a shit-ton of fat, so I don’t typically eat this the same day I make it. I let the pot cool and set the whole thing into the fridge overnight so I can skim off all the fat that solidifies at the top.

Eat with some veggies and rice noodles/pasta. After making this dish twice, I think its a good idea to keep the onions separate because the onions get entangled with the solid fat in the fridge, making it harder to remove the fat without taking the onions with it.

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