New Year’s Resolution

This year, I resolve

  • to cook with heart and soul.

After spending Thanksgiving cooking and enjoying dinner with Melanie & Charlene, I’ve slowly come to realize that I’ve been using this blog a lot like an outlet to display a laundry list of challenging dishes. Sometimes, I’ll spend a whole day obsessing about all the recipes I want to make and all the things I want to do, and I push and push and push myself to do all these things that I don’t really have the time for. While experimenting is good and healthy, I’ve been needing the productivity of cooking more and more. I use it to release stress, anxiety, and to have that oh-so-addictive cathartic feeling of accomplishment of when I’ve “followed through” with something yet again. This year, I hope to have a healthier relationship with what I do in the kitchen. All I need is a little re-framing 🙂

After all, it IS possible to take on challenges AND share these moments with those I love. This year, I want to cook WITH, rather than to cook FOR. I want these habits and expressions of care to become a part of my EVERYDAY routine, and not just saved for once in a while. So this year, I will practice, like Melanie, Charlene, and my dad, to cook with love.

One thought on “New Year’s Resolution

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