Rosemary, Fig, and Shitake Mushroom Mac and Cheese


A fun mix of wheels and regular elbow macaroni

I kind of winged this one based on a similar riff I’d made in the past. This time, I used mainly sharp cheddar, muenster, and goat cheese. The dish was nice, but there was too much going on. In the future, I’ll take out the shitake mushrooms, which didn’t make a great pairing with sharp cheese IMO, and will use parmesan instead of goat cheese.


Rehydrated figs and shitake mushrooms get chopped, then set under the broiler to caramelize.


Bechamel sauces usually start with some sort of fat (I mixed butter and olive oil) with flour whisked in and let browned. Milk/cream is then added.

The final product was finished during the NYE party so I was too busy to take photos. But still, these were lovely, I thought.



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