Mushroom Kit: Day Zero

I am finally getting to this mushroom kit! I bought two back when the company was a recent start up but my sister A. never used hers and I accidentally sent the other one to my old Wesleyan mailbox. They told me they ‘couldn’t find’ the package but I know what happened. Damn hippie kids shroomed me over.

Anyway, I got this box as a lovely xmas gift and have been waiting until after the ski trip to start. This is some real mad-scientist stuff up in here. And of course, Back to the Roots markets itself as sustainable food, DIY, and all that other good stuff that will appeal to the Brooklyn hipster in you.

At Back to the Roots, they repurpose used coffee grounds as substrate for the mushrooms. The block is then pre-inoculated with oyster mushroom spores. The outside is white with spores.

Day One:
I cut a large X into the plastic, and left the bag to soak, face down, for 24 hours.



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