Brotherly Love

I took a wonderful (!!!) trip to Philly this past week with R. As usual when planning trips, we crossed off most tourist attractions immediately. They’re a waste of time and the Liberty Bell can go screw itself – I’m not paying money to go see it. FOOD, however… well that’s another thing.

In three days, we packed in about 5 meals per day by sharing one signature dish and moving on. It was pure gluttony. To stave the fat away, we walked a lot and tried to see if we could walk and work out at the same time. That meant Rob furiously clenched and unclenched his arms and neck down the street, while I hip-popped as hard as I could (doing tahitian dance drills) with every step. IT WAS HILARIOUS and tons of fun to see if we could do it without anyone on the street noticing.

If you’re planning a trip soon, use this map! R. made it and it is brilliant. More photos to come soon.


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