Brotherly Love, Part II

Franklin Fountain

Franklin Fountain

03_12 Philadelphia 32

Capogiro Gelato – chocolate banana, chocolate, and sweet cream.

03_12 Philadelphia 31

Free chai spice donut at Federal Donuts! What is the winning combination for getting something for free? Be extra friendly? Be an obvious tourist? Who knows, but I will try all methods at all stores from now on ๐Ÿ™‚

03_12 Philadelphia 29

Also free: a honey donut.ย This place came HIGHLY recommended by a few friends, and yes it was indeed worth the two-transfer bus ride.

03_12 Philadelphia 30

The chicken can come with tossed in either a dry rub or a wet glaze. We couldn’t decide what flavor so the shopgirl offered her fav: the honey-ginger glaze. Thumbs up, shopgirl!

03_12 Philadelphia 28

Tiny shop in a residential area. Even while these restaurants receive hundreds of reviews on Yelp, its surprising that these places are often tucked in seemingly out-of-the-way places. Philly seems pretty spread out.

03_12 Philadelphia 24

Flowers at the Reading Terminal Market…

03_12 Philadelphia 26

Yummy greek pastries… also at the market.

03_12 Philadelphia 27

Yummy greek pastries… also at the market.

03_12 Philadelphia 25

Yummy greek pastries… also at the market.

03_12 Philadelphia 22

More flowers..

03_12 Philadelphia 23

The Greek pastry place also makes yummy health juices and smoothies.

03_12 Philadelphia 20

Amish chickens! These are actually raised by the Amish, which means they were naturally fed without growth-hormones or preservatives.

03_12 Philadelphia 17

So much meat! At Reading Terminal Market, the shops reflect the Amish, German, and Italian roots of the city.

03_12 Philadelphia 18

turkey steaks!!! I’ve never seen that before.

03_12 Philadelphia 11

Flying Monkey Bakery – for the whoopie pies!

03_12 Philadelphia 12

I really wanted to try Philly butter cakes but by this point I was stuffed to capacity. I believe these recipes are German in origin.

03_12 Philadelphia 14

So good. Like two cupcake tops with cream cheese frosting mashed in. Soft and nommy.

03_12 Philadelphia 15

They only make turkey sandwiches. Wow.

03_12 Philadelphia 04

They make the pretzel, then douse it in butter and sprinkle sea salt over it. My gosh.

03_12 Philadelphia 05

House-made slim jims!!! They were $.75 a pop and so tasty.I wish I tried more samples.

03_12 Philadelphia 19 03_12 Philadelphia 13
03_12 Philadelphia 01 03_12 Philadelphia 02 03_12 Philadelphia 03 03_12 Philadelphia 06 03_12 Philadelphia 07 03_12 Philadelphia 10 03_12 Philadelphia 09 03_12 Philadelphia 08

2013-03-28 13.16.18

R. is from Hershey and so we scooted over to P.A’s Chinatown to re-visit some Cantonese restaurants of yore ๐Ÿ™‚

2013-03-27 19.52.09

Philly Cheesesteak from Jim’s Steaks!

2013-03-27 19.50.28

2013-03-26 20.38.25

2013-03-26 12.28.39

Reuben sandwich and shoestring fries from an Amish diner.

2013-03-28 11.13.14

And here, our food-journey ends!




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