Bunny Bread, attempt #2


Attempt #2 to make bunny bread.

Attempt #2 to make bunny bread.

This was attempt #1…


The only bunny that made it out of the oven. We lost the other bunny in the transfer to the oven.

The dough was disappointingly soft and runny. Any pressure with my fingers caused the dough to spil around my hands and so it was impossible to pick up. Even the one, semi-salvaged bunny was deflated by the time I got onto the baking stone, (in the process having lost its legs), so it didn’t rise very high.

Clearly, I need to consult with D. to find a sturdier dough to use for this project. Turns out that I’d neglected to read the original post on Serious Eats all the way down to the bottom where all the commenters were complaining about the deflated, “turtle bread” syndrome.

Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

But for next time: anybody have recommendations for good dough recipes to use?

I’m thinking the shape would hold up better if the bunny bodies were shaped into a ball and left to rise directly on the baking stone. It reduces the chance of deflation and also eliminates the transfer system completely. It would also be awesome to eat some super-fat, ball-shaped bunnies.


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