Borscht and Latkes

Borscht. Made because we had old beets that I wondered if I could salvage. We could.

Borscht with beech mushrooms and napa cabbage. I decided to make this because I wondered if I could salvage some old beets that M. had forgotten in the fridge.  We could. 

Borscht instructions: 

Prep your beef broth. I threw beef bones in my slow cooker and let it rip overnight. Then, in a separate pot, I added half a chopped napa cabbage, two peeled and chopped carrots, two peeled and chopped giant-sized beets, some beech mushrooms and one chopped onion in a pot. Simmered for one hour, season to taste. Easy.


Keeping in line with our Eastern European theme, we made latkes to go with the borscht. We didn’t purposefully decide on a Jewish menu but this was around the time of Purim so maybe it was subconscious.

Latke instructions:

Using the grating attachment on a food processor, grate three potatoes, then a small onion. Salt the mixture, and divide it onto paper towels. Squeeze out all the water you can while working in small batches. Add an egg. Then fry it up in a sillet with olive oil.




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