Glorified yelp post for Murray’s Cheese

This is essentially an extended version of the yelp review I wrote for Murray’s Cheese on Bleeker St.

What happened was: I got a google offer for $5 off a $20 purchase and couldn’t stop thinking about… cheese!!!  

Two things: I’m neither experienced with high quality cheeses, nor a person who likes to ask for help, so getting counter service was both a necessary and daunting thing. Luckily, the guy who worked with me was really awesome. He was just a chatty, conversational kind of guy who really loved talking about how much he loved cheese, food, and local artisans he knew, so despite his hearing problem (he may have been deaf, I do not know, he kept asking me to repeat everything), I relaxed and chatted back.

You’d be surprised how overwhelming it can be to face a whole counter full of wierd looking blocks of cheese. Maybe its a product of conditioning – usually when I’m faced with a counter full of anything I’m at a bakery in Chinatown, and I’m semi-frozen with fear as I’m waiting my turn to be serviced. If you know anything about Chinatown bakeries, you know that bakery ladies are super surly people who bark “what do you want” in Cantonese because you need to hurry up for the half dozen other people behind you. I always freeze for a little bit before steeling myself to bark right back in Mandarin.

Anyway, I admitted the counter guy that I just wanted to try some quintessential samples of typical cheeses. Many GIANT, decadent samples later, this was what I ended up getting:

1/4 lb Triple-creme brie (sampled with caramel sauce and chocolate)
1/4 lb Aged 3 yr Roomano gouda (sampled with chocolate, also another with salami)
1/4 lb Salami Finocchiona, with fennel seeds – SO GOOD
1/4 lb Monte Enebro goat cheese

Of the above, the brie (obvs), and the salami were the best. The goat cheese is SUPER intensely flavored, with a kind of a tang feel in your mouth (the lactic?), so a lot goes a long way.

My total was just a little over $20, so it was $16 for everything above. Next time, I will be less of a cheapskate and also get some artisanal bread from Amy’s Bread next door.


Goat cheese.



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