Pig Cake: “Piggies at the Spa”

I put a lot of effort into most things I do. I’m trying to put LESS effort these days.

And I do fine until somebody like Theo (a 3-time guest blogger on Yummyfoto: post 1, post 2, post 3) rolls back from ITALY having graduated from a FOOD CULTURE masters program there, reminds me that it is also awesome and fun to be anal retentive. Like when it comes to replicating a version of this cake.

So here we go:


Marzipan! Made from scratch in the food processor. Almonds, powdered sugar, an egg.


This goes in the fridge until its ready to be rolled out and shaped into piggies.
We wanted pink pigs but didn’t have any food coloring.

Bake your chocolate cake. I used this recipe that was super simple to use. I doubled the amount of cocoa, expresso powder, and vanilla extract. Bake for 30 minutes, test it with a toothpick, and let it come to more or less room temperature.

In the meantime, boil down half a package of frozen raspberries until it looks like this:


Then cut the cake in half like so. IMG_8810


To make a quick frosting, we whipped cocoa and melted chocolate to softened cream cheese (not pictured).

If you plan on making the cake in advance for an event, or any situation where the cake has to stay pretty, consider adding softened butter and sugar. It will prevent the frosting from cracking over time.

Theo and I just wanted the cake to look good long enough to take a good photo so we did not add additional fat.



Then line the cake all around with kit kats, and start making your marzipan piggies. Theo made a piggy “butt”.


I made the lounging piggy. IMG_8831IMG_8837IMG_8835

IMG_8844 IMG_8842 IMG_8858 IMG_8845 IMG_8848 IMG_8851

And there you go! Pig cake is born. If any of you noticed, it only took a few pats of marzipan to make the piggies, so I predict some sort of future project with the huge block that remains currently in the freezer. 


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