Week of delicious meals, Part I

What a week of unspeakably delicious meals.

First off: my and R.’s 4 year anniversary!

We didn’t actually pay for our meal. We didn’t even technically “go out”!

We spent it volunteering.

R. has been interning at a nonprofit organization and it was culminating in this final, major fundraising event of year… which just so happened to fall on the same day as when he showed up at my off-campus doorstep and told me he “really really liked” me.

…and set off what would be a half-year long series of major panic attacks in my anti-dating, man-hating heart. What he didn’t know (at the time) was that I already had a crush on him for the past  half-year before then… more on that later in part II of this series.

Since R. was prepping for the event all through-out the day, I figured I’d volunteer so we could still spend some time together.

It was a win-win. I got to meet Chef Talde, one of the Top Chef contestants, Salman Rushdie, a knighted novelist, and rapper Heems from Das Racist.

Not bad!


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