Week of delicious meals, part II

The next day, Tuesday: Lot 2 in South Slope.

I’d been trying to eat at Lot 2 for a long time. Not that is so busy but South Slope is an awkward section of Brooklyn for my Prospect Heights/Crown Heights friends to get to. Embarrassingly enough, I used to work and live only a short walk away. I never got my crap together though, short of a failed attempt steer my way into having a meeting here for lunch. Sadly, the place is closed at all times except for dinner.

Having suppressed the urge not to post an overwhelmingly loving status post about R. (the text of which can be found below), I enjoyed one of the best meals I’ve ever had since moving to Brooklyn. This totally made up for the hard day of work at the fundraiser…

2013-05-07 19.15.12
Spiced, braised lamb
2013-05-07 19.15.23

Lot 2 is known most famously for their spot-on burgers. It was pretty incredible. The bun was perfect. The meat done perfectly perfect. This is all around a fine, quality-ass burger. It also comes with duck fat fries on the side and house-made condiments. 

The spiced and braised lamb dish was a dish for true lamb lovers. It was decadent and unctuous. The tender, hot meat sat on a bed of baby carrots and parsnip pieces, and  fell away from the bone with a push of the fork. Freshly chopped herbs and mandarin orange segments (that should have been de-membraned) cut the fat. R. and I had the same reaction  after taking our first bite: we closed our eyes.

And frankly, that’s the best you can hope for with any meal in any restaurant.

Then I woke up from my “dream” and told Diana I was done with the book- to which she informed me that R. was playing Edward Cullen in the new movie. I watched the film (with R. now as the hero) and told her he was too dorky for the Edward Cullen I’d envisioned, but Diana argued that he fit the role well. He did fit the role well.

– How I realized I had a crush on R. Journal entry dated 12.23.2008.

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