Cook & Party!

Last month, I was lucky enough to be invited to a dinner hosted by Cook&Party. Long story short, it was emphasis on the “PARTY”, and R. and I rolled around the kitchen, red-faced and tipsy from wine, as well as rolled fresh out ricotta gnocci. NO POTATOES. I know! It’s crazy, I’ve never heard of that either.

But it was delicious.

Here’s a little more about the service:

Cook&Party is a New York based private cooking class company specialized in Italian cuisine.  We offer in-home, hands on cooking lessons for small and large kitchens.  WE COME TO YOU with all necessary ingredients and appliances for perfect, intimate culinary parties amongst friends and family. We take you and your guests through the step by step experience of cooking & baking for your very own dinner party.  We offer 4 menu recommendations , and more, for authentic Italian recipes easy to make in ANY kitchen.

The food is off the hook- both Chiara and Christine break down intimidating recipes into easy-to-manage steps that you and your friends can do and enjoy. Drinking wine is mandatory, and so is having fun. Here are some photos, and start thinking about how you can top this interactive, entertaining and productive party in your own home:


Rolling out the ricotta gnocci dough!


R. is trying to focus really hard on cutting gnocci logs, through the red-wine induced fog.


Eggplant and tomato sauce.


meanwhile, the dessert team fills in fresh cream puff shells with from-scratch pastry cream



the finished product!


Would you look at that! What a dream dessert.

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