My roomie, M., has a habit of forgetting about things he’s started to cook on the stove or in the oven. And those things include steaks. Every time I see one of his overcooked, grey-colored steaks (left in the oven for over 30 minutes, no sear), it makes me very sad.

So when I came home and saw that M. had bought decent steaks for a 2 person dinner, I put my foot down and begged him to make the steaks for him.

I’ve never made a steak before. But I’ve watched enough Gordon Ramsay youtube tutorials and read enough of the Steakcraft column on SeriousEats to make an educated guess on what to do.

So essentially, I let the steaks rest for half an hour to bring them as close to room temperature as time allowed, salted them, and then set them up on a hot pan with melted butter. I didn’t move them for 2 minutes to let them develop a crust, then flipped it for another 2 minutes, basting the steaks in butter all the while. 4-5 minutes is all it takes for them to get to medium-rare doneness. After the sear, I took the seared steaks off the fire to let them rest.

All in all I’m pretty sure the steaks would have tasted amazing but since the guest showed up an hour late, these didn’t really get the opportunity to shine like they should have. Sadface.




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