Accidental Shakshuka

Now, I’m not sure that you can call this following recipe a true North African/Israeli shakshuka, but it came about accidentally, so I’m going to call it what it sort of looks like. The major difference is the absence of key spices, but you could easily fix this on your end.

It was originally going to be my favorite dish in the world: tomato and egg, stewed together in classic Chinese form. However, I didn’t have fresh ginger, only powdered, and I had no fresh tomatoes, only canned, plus I chucked in three fairytale eggplants that were on the cusp of being spoilt. So instead of getting more and more frustrated that the dish wasn’t coming out as intended, I went along with it, and it turned out okay. Not as good as the real deal the way my papi makes it, but still pretty good (and vegetarian too).

I started by cooking diced onions and chopped garlic until translucent, adding salt, a little extra oil, the chopped eggplants, ginger powder, and about half a can of whole plum tomatoes into the pan towards the end. When that’s stewed a good while, the eggplants will be soft. Add one tablespoon of sugar and mix it in. The sugar will take the edge off the acidity from the canned tomatoes. To finish off, make three little wells into the sauce with a spoon and crack your eggs into the wells. Immediately cover the pan, and after thirty seconds, turn off the fire and let the eggs continue to cook for another 3 minutes.

Spoon over rice and enjoy!




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