Keeping Up With the Produce Section


Dulcimer player, Grand Street Station

This old man plays in train stations all around the Lower East Side. He is an excellent classical chinese musician and always seems to draw a crowd. This time, a woman and her son started talking to him after one of his songs and he pulled the boy over to show him how its done. It was amazing- he played an entire complicated song while holding on to the little boy's hands. The kid was in awe.


PS – I actually play(ed) the dulcimer. Diana and I took lessons in what was, no joke, a sweatshop in Chinatown. We were very young but I remember it being a small, un-air conditioned room adjoining a sewing factory and clothing warehouse. Diana played the Guzheng, similar to the Japanese Koto, with the older kids with larger handspans and I learned the hammered dulcimer with the younger kids. The dulcimer is pretty simple conceptually but still extremely difficult to play well.

Nice weather, huh? Halloween: Union Square, NYC

Found this friendly guy walking around, chattin people up.